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Basic Computer Training

easypc offers customized, personal training for novice computer users. We help you get the most out of your computer by helping you learn the basic things every computer user should know. To make the most of the training session, we can customize the lesson to just the topics that interest you. We also come to you so you can learn in your own environment, with your own equipment. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you.

Some of the common topics we cover are shown below.

  • Basic Windows Operation

    A lesson in basic Windows operation may include such topics as

    • Keyboard shortcuts: get easy access to all types of computer functions
    • Basic computer & internet terminology: make it easier to learn about computers and the internet
    • Working with your internet browser: make surfing the net even more fun

  • Working with Email

    Email training may include

    • How to attach files
    • How to set up an email account
    • How to organize your emails
    • Webmail versus an email program

  • Using your Office Suite

    Learn how to make the most of your office applications.

    • Working with word processors (e.g. Microsoft Word)
    • Working with spreadsheets (e.g. Microsoft Excel)
    • Working with other office suite programs

  • Working with Pictures

    Learn how to work with all of those pictures you've collected.

    • Optimize file size to save hard drive space
    • Scale and trim your images
    • Print your images

  • Working with Music Files

    Learn how to manage your music library.

    • Work with iTunes
    • Manage your files and folders

  • Maintaining your Files

    Learn the basics of organizing and maintaing your computer files.

    • Search and browse for files
    • Create new folders
    • Back up your files
    • Copy or move files