easypc Computer Repair and Virus Removal Horsham, PA 19044


404 Norristown Rd. Horsham, PA 19044

Computer Setup & Support Services

easypc offers complete Computer Repair, Setup and Support Services at a very reasonable price. We even offer computer training, from experienced professionals, to help you get the most from your computer.

  • Diagnostics

    We'll determine the cause of any problem with your laptop or desktop and let you know the best course of action. In-store: $50

  • Virus Removal

    We'll remove any viruses, spyware and malware found on your computer, make sure all Windows updates are installed and ensure your antivirus software is operating correctly. In-store: $135

  • Slow Computer Tune-up

    If your computer's running slowly, we can speed it up for you. In-store: $85

  • Computer Setup

    We'll set up your new desktop or laptop, including installation of all necessary drivers and Windows updates. In-store: $75

  • Operating System Installation

    We'll install any operating system on your desktop or laptop (this includes installing any needed drivers and updates). In-store: $125

  • Data Migration/Recovery

    We'll move the files from one hard drive to another for the purposes of data recovery or simply to move your files to a new computer. In-store: $75

  • Software Installation

    We'll install any single software title on your laptop or desktop (does not include the software). In-store: $35

  • Hardware Installation

    Installation of CD/DVD-ROM, RAM, HDD and Sound, Video or other card for desktop or laptop computers. Hardware not included. In-store: $35

  • Device Installation

    We'll install any wired or wireless peripheral or device (printer, Xbox, etc.) on your computer. In-store: $50